Track & Trace Pavilion

With the expansion of the global trade industry, the demand and importance for product traceability has increase drastically. This is because traceability provides the ability to identify and track a product from its point of origin all the way to the end of the supply chain – the better the product traceability, the higher the reliability and trust.

Achieving start-to-end product traceability requires unique identification in all levels of packaging. This is where standards & relevant solutions come into the picture.

GS1 Singapore is pleased to present the following Solution Partners that provide standards-based solution with greater visibility and accuracy of products in the supply chain:

  1. GS1 Singapore Limited
  2. Loftware Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
  3. SATO Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
  4. Shping Singapore Pte Ltd
  5. VIPColor Technologies Pte Ltd

Visit our pavilion to learn about traceability standards, technologies and complete track and trace solutions to meet your supply chain needs!

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